Performing on Saturday, June 18 @ Rickshaw

Froth are a band specializing in dream-like, garage-influenced psychedelic rock with indie rock guitar figures, though at one point they were briefly planning on making silence their game. Joo Joo Ashworth and Jeff Fribourg were two friends from El Segundo, California with a passion for music and a sense of humor, and they dreamed up Froth as a fake band, planning to send out publicity photos and tales of their adventures on the road without actually performing a note. Ashworth and Fribourg even had a friend at a vinyl pressing plant who offered to help them spread the hoax by pressing an LP that would feature 20 minutes of silence as long as the “band” provided Froth emblazoned sleeves to pack them in. However, in 2012, fate forced Ashworth and Fribourg’s hands when Fribourg staged a small-scale music festival called Ourbq, and one of the acts canceled at the last minute. With no one else to take their place, Froth played their first live set, with Ashworth on vocals and guitar and Fribourg on Omnichord, an electronic variation on the autoharp. With Jeremy Katz on bass and Cameron Allen on drums, Froth played a show that Fribourg dubbed “a disaster,” but it prompted the musicians to actually begin writing songs and rehearsing. Before long, Froth were playing regularly in the Los Angeles area, and in June 2013, they released their first single, “Lost My Mind,” which reappeared a month later on the group’s debut album, Patterns, released by Lolipop Records. The album received strong reviews, and Froth were soon touring in the U.S., Europe, and the UK. By the time Froth began work on their second album, Jeff Fribourg had left the band, and Cole Devine joined the lineup on guitar, changing the sonic palette of the band a bit and increasing the strength of their guitar attack. In May 2015, Froth released their sophomore album, Bleak, through the celebrated L.A. indie label Burger Records. ~ Mark Deming