Performing on Friday, June 17 @ Cobalt

The Black Mastiff is a powerful breed known for its thick grooves, tasteful leads, and soothing melodies. Though new to the scene they have over 35 years of previous touring and playing experience combined! This breed of musicianship is well versed in the trials and triumphs of being a Canadian working band. The Black Mastiff has a gentle temperament, but will not back down when presented with the opportunity to flex their powerful, yet soulful sound.

Not recommended for those who are ‘faint of heart’, this breed delivers a heavy dose of stoner soul rock. They are not afraid to stray from home and roam the nation; commanding attention, they convert idle listeners. The Black Mastiff is a first-rate breed, and with very little effort is sure to provide an excellent life long companion for anyone who is looking for a fresh and honest working breed.